Travels in Asia.

I’m trapped in my hotel room in Manila, Philippines - our security is advising that we don’t leave the hotel for threat of kidnapping, potential drowning or another reason with undesirable consequences. SO, I thought I’d share some of the photographs I’ve taken so far.

…Terrible airline food. Although I’ll bet Chef Morimoto was flippin’ steaks up in business class.
…Vintage toy museum in Singapore.
…Buck Rogers sure was a creep. Who knew!?
…Drum tech, Scotty Jablow & guitar tech, Dr. Kyle Henderson. // Singapore.
…Jakarta, Indonesia.
…Lonely drum kit in the hotel lobby. // Seoul, Korea.

…Within Asia’s largest “underground” shopping mall, 85,000 square meters of dense commerce. // Seoul, Korea.

…Seoul, Korea.

…Luckily, Starbucks is a universal language.

…Trinket shopping. // Korea.

…17th floor view. At night the “Sindoh” sign would illuminate to a near blinding level. // Korea.

…Signing stuff in Seoul.

…Seoul, Korea.

…Backstage grapes. // Korea.

…Leaving Seoul, Korea.

…Upon arriving in the Philippines, I was lei’d and given a fresh coconut before being swiftly “sent to my room”.

Up next, Osaka, Tokyo, & Yokosuka. Followed by Hawaii, LA, & NYC (and eventually home).

— matt.


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